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I apologize for the mess

Step into my chamber...

First off we have my black canopy bed. (It has blue christmas lights all around it).

This is my closet door, not too exciting.

This is a stupid freezer my parents insist on storing in my room.

My dressor. That's contact paper on it, I did it myself. And then I bought those blue star knobs to put on it at Lowe's.

This is a shelf with pictures and monkeys on it. (I collect them).

A dish chair with my stuffed animals in it.

My vanity, yeah it's a mess.

A little bookhelf next to my desk, with my edward scissorhands poster above it.

Now for some of my favorite room items.

A curious george book

A tutti doli ad, framed.

A poster above my vanity that my niece drew me.

Stuffed elephant my boyfriend bought me.

My two monkeys made for me at build-a-bear.

My paul frank wall clock

My series of unfortunate events calender (book version)

My favorite lotion. Bath&body works Vanilla Bean Noel

My happy bunny door hanger.

Some garbagepail kids cards

A hippo toy I played with as a child.

Bunny toy I played with as a child.

My laptop computer

A pink christmas tree candle bought at old navy.

A sex tips book with cool pink pages. Haha

My monkey slippers

Photos of matthew and I

Silver highheels



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