Alex (lylimyna) wrote in showusurroom,

That would be my door. See, Its given you a sneak peek at my room...Its making you want to see it! Am i right?

My Bullentin Board. I have so much stuff on my walls I almost could forget the color of my room. I got the pretty fabric covering it at Urban it? go to

My beautiful desk. Actually, its pretty ugly. I love my lava lamp!

My stuffed bunny Goody. He doesn't have any ears. Ewan McGregor is hott ::motions to the Moulin Rouge poster above her pillow::

My bed. Its the same fabric as my bullentinboard.

My collection of photos and posters

My 'Wall of Fame' with all my awards from school and cheerleading and such

The back of my door.

My anti-war poster

My bookshelf

and Me in my room in my cheerleading uniform!

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a sugar ray poster? what the hell