hey pig. (_smokeitallaway) wrote in showusurroom,
hey pig.

Here's my room... but I'm actually currently in the process of trying to figure out what to DO with my 2 white walls. I just recently tore down all the pictures that I had plastered to them... but I'm looking for ideas on how I could clutter them up again. Help?

Anyways. Here's it is:


snowboarding season pass tickets frame the mirror

my art supplies shelf and the color wheel i painted on my wall.

pictures, ticket stubs, etc behind a sheet of plastic that can easily be removed to change things around.

one of my paintings and a stolen sign on my boring wall.

my bed! yay. it's on the bedframe that I made last summer which has drawers underneath that hold all my clothing: splace saver!

my pipe collection sits on my "bed-side table"... that wall behind is what most of my room used to look like 2 days ago.

my... uh... cone? yeah.

i put old cds around the trim in my room whenever i find one.

surround sound is the shit.

the wall that needs help...
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