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someone like you loves me too

So hm..


Im Jenna.

Beware... lost of pictures. LOTS.

Blue pieces of paper. They are taped together, and they have lyrics from Brand New's Play Crack The Sky.

The thing that goes around my light switches. Thats confetti, held on by nail polish.

Thats my desk (looks a little different now... the iBook is busted, the iMac in my closet [still working ;o)], and a new eMac on my desk.)- the main thing is the duct tape on it. I wrote lyrics on there, too, from random songs that popped up on my computer.

Back of my door:

The lion is a coloring book picture photocopied.. and yes, those are playing cards. Taped together. Yep.

My pride and joy... 98 pieces of construction paper (give or take a few) pinned on my wall. Some people (friends) have written on some of them now, but alot are still empty. I want to get them all filled before I leave for college in August, and put them in a binder. Yep.

My closet- stuff from friends.. pictures and "signs" they've given me. Also an anti-smoking ad my friend wona contest with.

Everyone has this, huh? AOL cds above the closet

My bookshelf. Alot of the frames I've "customized", as well as the strand of starburts wrappers Ive taped together and put on there.

mirrors (I didnt make the circle one- thats from ikea <3), the red and silver things are hershey's nuggets wrappers taped on my doorway, and you can see the lightswitch cover.

I think thats it. Sorry so long! I just love the crap in my room! Haha!
A couple months ago, I was lurking in some LJ comms. and ran acorss a picture of a girls wall. She had painted on there a cartoon.. made it look like a newspaper cartoon-ish, if you know what I mean. With the pointalism and all that jazz. Does anyone know who it was, or if I could just catch a glimpse of that picture again? A friend of mine is looking to do a huge mural on her wall, and that immediatley came to mind- Id just like to show her. :o)

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awesome room!,i wish i was as creative as you.
I love rooms that are as personalised as this, it's great.
hee hee, you love tape.
LOL at least the aol cds come to use XD